A Short's Story
Short's Travel Management was established in Iowa in 1946, purchased by the current ownership in 1979. In 2003 we began handling all of the travel for the NCAA including their 88 championship events. In 2004 we created the Sports and Event Logistics (Short’s Sports) department to accommodate regular season travel. We now offer full service travel to both athletic institutions as well as corporate clients. By the end of 2004, the company reported gross travel-related sales of $175 million. We operate offices in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. We have two main offices, one in Waterloo, IA the other in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City.

Every year, Short’s Sports and Event Logistics moves over 250,000 athletes, coaches, families, fans and friends with its sports travel operations. In order to do this, we chartered 500 large aircraft and ticketed thousands more on commercial flights.

In addition to air travel, we secured buses and blocked an enormous amount of hotel space. We’ve sent enthusiastic fans to bowl games, championships, and numerous regular season events. Short’s Sports has escorted alumni groups to destinations around the globe!

In short, we know how to handle athletic travel. How? Our sports and logistics experts have over 110 years of combined experience in the industry. We’ve designed applications specifically developed for athletic organizations. We have preferred contracts with major airlines and charter companies, as well has hotels and rental car agencies that give us better pricing due to the volume of transactions.

We currently handle such notable clients such as Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Wizards, Minnesota Timberwolves, Team USA (world league football), US Equestrian Federation, as well as a host of colleges and organizations from Division I through Division III.

No matter what the size of your group, whether it’s 3 or 3000, we have the personnel and expertise to make your trip enjoyable and leave you with memories that will last forever!

Short's Sports & Event Logistics sports@shortstravel.com