Athletic Travel Portal
We are pleased to announce our 3rd generation travel portal, making travel arranging more efficient with an abundance of valuable information at your fingertips.
Here are just some of the features:
  • Multiple usernames for each client allows for security within the company. Only user decides who has access to their information.
  • Customizable homepage to show only modules that are pertinent to user.
  • Company Specific Links module allows client to post important info for user to view when necessary. Display travel policies and approval procedures to minimize questions.
  • Store travel rewards program information, payment methods, and contact information. Provide information once, it’s stored until you change it.
  • Instantly view unused tickets for yourself, your teams, and your department. Up-to-the-second account information, including traveler name, airline info, expiration date, and ticket value. Recover up to 5% of your budget that would normally be lost in unused tickets.
  • Import teams from our Champs portal to save time. Retain/update roster info (including equipment lists) at any time. No need for multiple faxes and phone calls as travel date approaches and travel group changes.
  • Export roster info to the Champs portal in a matter of seconds upon entry to postseason play. Save precious time to focus on other aspects of postseason travel.
  • Use the Flight Tracker module to determine where your travelers are. Know if a recruit or VIP is going to arrive at the airport early, or realize that they are delayed and avoid expensive airport parking fees.
  • Leverage spend with airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies by viewing the Airline, Hotel, and Car Summaries for the previous six months. A small savings that is immediately realized has the potential to be significant savings in the future.
  • Have the security of knowing who is traveling on a given day by viewing the calendar on the home page. Click on the day for a more detailed itinerary. Email or print that itinerary for others to view as necessary.
  • Easily accessed, easy-to-use travel form submits a request to our travel experts without picking up the phone.
  • Have a concern regarding your upcoming trip? Can’t find an itinerary and don’t remember our toll free number? View the contact page for all info necessary to alleviate travel anxiety.
  • Need a report for a budget meeting first thing in the morning? Travel managers have 24/7 direct access to unlimited reporting options. Pull a report to fit your specific needs.

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